Quit Smoking program:


How Elie help me become a none smoker!

Elie is absolutely  amazing, and help me have a miracle!

I contacted Elie to in regards to quit smoking. I was not very hopeful as I had tried hypnosis two times before and it didn’t work. I started smoking when I was 19, now at 42 I was getting really worried about my health and well-being.

Elie explained to me that one session of hypnosis is not enough to quit smoking and that I needed multiple sessions tailored to me and my emotional patters and life experience. I signed up for a package. Soon after  Elie introduced the self -hypnosis protocol and that is when everything changed for me. By listening to my own voice proclaiming to be a non-smoker  and envisioning how my life would be like after I quit, my subconscious mind got on board and said YES!

I am happy to say I a am non-smoker now. I trust Elie deeply, I know and feel that she has a deep concern for my wellbeing. She did everything in her power to help me, I felt guided and cared for through our journey. I am forever grateful to her for giving me my life back. I know she can help you create the miracle you desire.

Heather Moore

I met Elie during a time when I was seeking greater clarity in terms of career & personal choices. This was a difficult period during my life. Through this work and the corresponding dialogue with Elie, options that were not clear to me become clear and I was able to find to a more suitable career that I continue to enjoy and thrive in. I also achieved greater clarity in my personal life.
I had experience with traditional therapy and other healing modalities but Elie’s NLP methods and hypnosis skills are unique and provided insight that allowed me to reach my goal quickly. Elie is compassionate and insightful and through a few well designed “question and answer sessions” was able to help me find the right focus and overcome my challenges. I encourage you to consider her FREE Introductory Screening  to experience firsthand how she will  be able to connect you to YOU and make shift in all levels of your life.
Testimonial - Mike Mensuri

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