About Elie Jahanbigloo

At a very young age, Elie knew that her life would revolve around service to others.  After completing her training in Paris, France, Elie rose swiftly through the ranks in the world of beauty and has been a successful entrepreneur in that field for many years.  She has a long list of loyal clients who respect her not only for her skills and creativity but also for her thoughtfulness, integrity, confidence, and honesty.

Not content to simply help her clients be the best they can be on the outside, Elie began to study and explore areas that could help create inner wisdom, confidence, happiness, and healing.

Elie’s passion for the field of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-linguistic-Programming) has grown steadily as she has witnessed the remarkable positive results achieved by its use. As she became masterful at hypnosis and started to practice the discipline herself she has been rewarded time and time again with the successful transformation of her clients.  Their accolades for Elie’s work with them speak to Elie’s incredible skill as a hypnotist.

Elie launched her successful career in beauty in 1989, but she always felt this wasn’t enough – it wasn’t her final purpose in life. She started to explore and learn many different modalities and healing methods (Reiki Master, Theta Healing, sound healing, etc). She was fascinated as she learned more and more about what was going on in the unconscious mind.

A personal tragedy sent her to India on a quest that unexpectedly fully opened her own heart and mind.  During this journey she was guided to work with others on an individual basis, to help them gain the inner knowledge and fortitude necessary for them to achieve their life dreams and goals.  Elie could now easily spot breakthrough patterns in her clients as her own wisdom and compassion elevated.

Also, Elie has always worked exceptionally hard to dispel myths and become a success.  Her achievement as a business owner gave her the confidence to continue to grow as a person and to branch out into other areas.  She holds weekly meditation sessions as a gift to the community.  She also offers free-of-charge healing and confidence-boosting seminars at many venues in the Los Angeles area, specifically in the Westside Community where she works and lives.

Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
Certified Mental Emotional Release Therapy
Certified Hypnotherapy
Certified Master Reiki Teacher Practitioner